Travis Matson

Ben Matson

Flex Space Business Centers is based out of Tri-Cities, WA. The founders, Travis Matson and Ben Matson, have been in the construction/real estate industry for over 20 years. We started Flex Space with the vision to help small to large businesses with industrial warehouses and an office space that had a storefront. We have seen how hard it is for up and coming businesses to have to commit to a traditional long term lease. It is simply not possible for many businesses. Our goal is to offer you a high quality solution for your flex space needs in the best locations.

Many small businesses are operating out of their garage or an RV bay, so this space brings your business to the next level of growth. We at Flex Space, offer only a 1 year lease commitment required at a time, at most of our locations. We want to serve businesses that would rather not lock into a traditional 5 year lease like others are asking for.

No tenant improvements are needed in our units. These are move-in ready spaces. Tenant improvements can take up to 12 plus months by the time you go through engineering, permitting, and construction buildout. What business has time for that? That’s why we offer move-in ready spaces. You show up on a Friday afternoon and move in the next week, or after your application is approved. Kind of like an apartment, but it’s industrial space for your business. You just choose what space you would like, single unit, double side by side, double long drive through, or even half the building, and apply. It’s as simple as that! If you need to customize your space for your specific needs, get approval from us and the city. Otherwise the space is move-in ready to operate your business.

All of our facilities are modern, clean, high ceilings, tall overhead doors, and have room for large truck access. Our spaces range from 1,120 sq ft all the way up to 11,250 sq ft units and many sizes in between. Our units are climate controlled and fully finished. Most of our spaces are sprinklered, and some locations have fenced in laydown yard space for truck parking or open storage. For your protection, we have security cameras at all locations.

Travis clearly remembers the day years ago when he was with his father looking for a space for their company. His father asked the landlord how long of lease was required. The landlord said, “I will need a minimum of 3 years.” Travis’s father said, “Well, I will sign the lease, but I can’t promise we will be in business in 3 years!” The landlord said he would take a shot at us and let us move in. We moved out of that space 8 years later into our own industrial space! That business has been going since 1979 and still going strong today.

Who is offering space for businesses and personal users that don’t want to lock into a long term lease? We are! It’s just peace of mind to not have to lock into a long term lease. We have tenants that have been in business for 40 plus years in our spaces that enjoy not having to get locked into a long term lease. We do allow longer leases in one of our facilities and in certain circumstances at the others. Would you rent an apartment or a storage unit on a 5 year lease? We would not, and most of you would not either. It’s that simple!

Each facility may have a different leasing agent. Go to the specific location on the website and it will have the leasing agent’s contact info for that facility.